Soda-blasting in brief

Soda blasting – what is it?

Soda-blasting is a gentle and effective surface treatment method by which contaminants, grease, paint and old protection coatings, etc., can be removed from the piece being cleaned without the piece itself suffering any damage.

Blasting is performed with high-pressure-blasting equipment designed especially for the job. The blasting agent applied is sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCoз) – i.e. baking soda (E 500). Soda-blasting can be performed either in dry or wet form.

How does it work?

As a surface treating method, soda blasting deviates from traditional grinding blasting techniques. The composition of pressure-blasted soda powder dissolves as it hits the surface to be cleaned. As it disintegrates, the energy produced by the granules releases the targeted impurities from the object. This enables the use of this method with the sorts of applications where traditional, surface-consuming grinding is out of the question.

For example, aluminium, stainless steel, tile and brick, stone, glass, fibreglass, wood and plastics are well-suited as soda-blasting objects. Similarly, components requiring particular precision – such as parts belonging to engines and gearings, bearings, sealings and hydraulic cylinders – can be handled by soda blasting. Soda blasting also does not heat the surface being blasted, so it is quite appropriate for cleaning metals without causing any heat-induced changes.

Soda blasting is safe

Specially formulated baking soda does not burn and can be safely used for cleaning work also in the solvent industry where many other methods are unsuitable. The soda is also non-toxic and is excellently suited for use in the food industry – for example, for cleaning containers used in food preparation.

Soda blasting is environmentally friendly 

Baking soda is an natural, 100% biodegradeable.

The use of soda is a viable alternative to traditional surface treatment techniques. Not only is it environmentally friendly, gentle and soluble in water, it is also a safe, natural product. Compared to other methods for cleaning surfaces, it is frequently a clearly more effective option.

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