A wide selection of services for various objects and applications

SSP Suomen Soodapuhallus concentrates on customer solutions connected with cleaning in both industry and in the consumer sector. Operatively speaking, we not only work at our production unit close to Tampere, Finland, but also within the working environment of our customers.

SSP Industrial Services include the basic amenities related to the process and manufacturing industries. Our targets and applications are, for example:

  1. The chemical, metal and machine shop industries together with the various stages of production processes in the paper and food industries
  2. Parts of components and machines demanding special precision – such as those connected with engines and gearings, bearings, sealings and hydraulic cylinders
  3. Cleanings for various manufacturing moulds
  4. Other cleaning work focused on subcontracted component-based final products

SSP Consumer Services embrace a comprehensive array of services in everyday consumer applications:

  1. Cleaning and paint removal from outdoor and indoor building surfaces
  2. Paint removal from the chassis of motorcars and heavy vehicles as well as the cleaning of engines and parts
  3. The cleaning of boat and ship bottoms and removal of toxic paints
  4. In addition, special work such as fire-produced residue cleaning, restoration-based furniture cleaning and graffiti removal services

We acquaint ourselves with each work order by customers individually. The work to be performed is always examined in accordance with the requirements and demands of each application.