Surface treatment that’s environmentally friendly!

SSP Suomen Soodapuhallus Oy, established in 2008, is an expert in soda-blasting services and related equipment. We are part of the international MMLJ Inc chain of suppliers.

SSP offers its customers two service lines. One is made up of SSP Suomen Soodapuhallus, which generates comprehensive soda-blasting services for the needs of industry and the private consumer sector. The other is composed of SSP Northern Europe, which offers approved CE- and PED-certified soda-blasting equipment as well as blasting soda and related production processes-based peripherals.

Our marketing area is comprised of both domestic targets and Northern Europe.
An environmentally-friendly product – together with clear operational procedures and service processes complemented by high-level professional skills – make SSP an excellent and easily accessible private sector service provider as well as a reliable partner in industrial surface treatment.